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Want to get involved with the opportunity of a generation? Want to have a say in what the City of Burnaby should look and feel like in 2050? You're in the right place!

All Burnaby community members will have opportunities to get involved throughout the Assembly by following Assembly proceedings, receiving learning materials from the Assembly, and giving feedback to the Assembly as it develops its recommendations.

The Burnaby Community Assembly’s 42 Members were selected by civic lottery from those who responded to one of the 26,000 mail invitations sent to randomly-selected households in January 2024. Read more about the process here.

There are also many other ways to share your voice about the Official Community Plan. The City of Burnaby is engaging community members in dialogue about the future of Burnaby through a multi-year, multi-phase process, with many different touchpoints and events. For more information on City-led engagement opportunities and events throughout these phases, please visit the City of Burnaby website here.

You may also sign up for the City of Burnaby eNewsletter here.

Check this page to stay updated and see what's coming up next. 


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