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Watch your mail! 12,500 more invitations to be sent across Burnaby this week

This week, 12,500 invitations will be mailed to a new group of randomly selected mailing addresses in Burnaby (in addition to the 13,500 that were mailed in early January).

These invitations will ask residents to put their names forward for the Burnaby Community Assembly, an unprecedented opportunity for residents to shape the development of Burnaby’s Official Community Plan. The Assembly will create recommendations for the City of Burnaby on the important question:

How should Burnaby grow and change by 2050 to create a city where everyone can thrive?

Watch your mail to see if you receive an invitation. Residents who receive an invitation have until Sunday, February 4th 2024 to volunteer (deadline to register has been extended). Forty-five Assembly Members will then be selected by civic lottery.

For more information on the process for the Burnaby Community Assembly, please click here.

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