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Session in Progress


The Burnaby Community Assembly will gather 42 residents to develop recommendations to inform Burnaby's new Official Community Plan. All Burnaby community members will have opportunities to get involved in the Assembly by following Assembly proceedings, receiving learning materials from the Assembly, and giving feedback to the Assembly as it develops its recommendations.

Please click here for more information on how you can get involved.

How it Works: 



26,000 randomly selected households will receive an initial invitation by mail. Those residents who respond will then be entered into the second stage of the civic lottery, where final Assembly Members will be selected in a manner that balances demographic criteria. This process will result in a mini public, consisting of 45 residents who together broadly reflect the demographic diversity of Burnaby. 

Funding will be available to offset accessibility expenses that would prevent assembly members from attending. 


Want to be a part of the opportunity of a generation and help shape the future of Burnaby?

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