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Help set the learning agenda for the Burnaby Community Assembly!

Updated: Jan 26

Please share your voice through this survey, and let us know what you think the Assembly should learn about so it can make well-informed recommendations about the future of Burnaby. The survey will be open until February 4th 2024.

By completing this survey, you will help us ensure that the Assembly hears from a range of perspectives and receives information from credible, evidence-based sources on topics such as housing accessibility, climate change, growth, transportation and livability.  

61% of Burnaby residents have at least one mother tongue besides English, and we want to hear their voices. This survey is available in multiple languages. Please use the links below to complete this survey in your language of preference, or to share this survey with your networks in the appropriate language: 

For more information on the Learning and Visioning stage of the Assembly, please visit the About the Process page. 

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